Year 2013


How do I start…?
2012 was a year for defining myself, remember who I am, what I like, what I want, enjoy what I have and discover new places, people, stuff.
2013… I thought 2012 was going to be hard to improve. In the end, it hasn’t been any improvement, and it hasn’t been worst; it has been way different, so not expected, and the reason has many names:
Tyler, Carlos, Angela, Facu, Nuria, Lula, Patricia, Ligia, Lucía, Bea, Paz, Emma, Lucia P. Manu, Gema, Thomas, Carmen, Javi, Antonio, Marina, Virginia, Miguel, Isa, Danilo, Dario, Gloria, Fede, Olivier, Tin, Sanna, Casilda, Niklas, German, Alejandra, Bea U., Paula, Maria, Patricia, Bea H., Ana, Rocio, Silvia, Cristina, Diana, Ariane, Hugo G., Vivien, Marta A., Ricardo, Carlos, Luis, Bert, Gloria, Raquel, Victoria, Sergi, Arnau, Matylda, Dani, Ana, Alberto, Mara, Emily, Valentine, Magali, Laura L, Laura M, Laura C., Axana, Eloi, Ariana, Laura N., Silvia C., Numil, Miriam, Julia, Katia, Aline, Lluna, Julia, Juan, Jordi, Sara, Nadia, Maria, Boronat, Mercé, Oriol, Begoña, Joanca, Alba, Fina, Sonia, Felix, Cabana, Angel, Oriol, Merce, Ingrid, Marisa, Pep, David Q., Janna, … and of course Lidia, Robert, Emily, Hugo. As for animals, Breo, Bowie, Ajila, Susie, the dog in portugal… I may forget some, but those names have been participating in making my years what it has been, a fucking awesome amazing mind blowing year.

Right now, too lazy to write, because there’s so much, but I have this post pending on my head since end of december and I want to get it out, so bullet list this shit.

– theBox
– Many other parties
– Sidroquedada
– Fiesta Rural
– Portugal
– Picnics in Madrid.
– Thailand
– Long walks
– Hours of playing music
– Loads of calligraphy
– Calligraphy workshops (3)
– TEDx
– Bolero de Ravel
– Party for my birthday
– UXspain
– Sant Andreu Jazz Band
– Chichi food
– Calvin Jones, Mastretta
– Mariscadas
– Furthur
– Garraf
– Thailand
– Sounds of Facu, Cabana, Manu, Tyler
– Manzanares with Nuria
– Painting Ana’s pregnant belly
– Maria Bonitas
– Morro fi

Can’t put order and start telling about this, and although this blog is all about helping me remember in the future, well I guess this time I’ll rely on my memories and pictures, not on the text explaining all the amazing sensations I’ve experienced this year. Names, Places, Moments, 2013 was about the heart.
This, has been, the best year, of my entire life. period.

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  1. Thomas P
    Thomas P 06/01/2014 at 14:04 |

    <3 You're a sound mate! 2013 was the bomb. More years to come!


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