We’re going to Thailand!

When I met with my dear Sara 1 month ago in Barcelona for drinks, I wasn’t expecting to be asked by her if I would like to go on a trip with her in Thailand. But it did happen. Wasn’t expecting the offer, so of course I wasn’t planning on feeling this strong excitement about the idea. But both happened.

And yesterday was this day that both of us at the same time, connected vi aSkype, we purchased our tickets for Bangkok, making sure that her from Amsterdam and me from Madrid we could meet at some point during the trip to fly together the second part of the trip. We will meet in Helsinki and take the same flight for Bangkok.

This is quite a date that ¬†will want to remember, and the best way to start with posts tagged “thailand”, the intention being to write down a lot about this trip here.

The worst about booking flights 4 months before: managing the excitement!


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