Walking Barcelona

Those 2 last days, I’ve been doing one of the thing I love the most doing in Barcelona: walk.

Walk for hours, and hours, discovering all kinds of stuff, getting lost; I love getting lost in Barcelona.

Years ago, it was somehow more exciting since I didn’t know the like I do today, and, there was no iphones (holy GPS). But still, I managed to get lost for 10 minutes. At high level, I always know where I am, but the centre of the city is so full of little streets that one always discovers a new one.

Yesterday, I got lost in the mountain, threw myself in the forest and defined goals. It’s always a satisfaction to accomplish a goal.

Two days ago, I aimed to go as far as I could so I woulf be surrounded by sea water at almost 100%; found the spot. Yesterday, Although it wasn’t a goal, I climbed at the highest spot of the city, at the 10th floor of the Collserola towrr; amazing view.

Barcelona is beautiful from a lots of point of view, opened 24/7 to be discovered and enjoyed.

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