This is how I want to believe life can be

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.31.55 AM

Just saw this Thai advertising for a life insurance company, matching in many ways how I aspire to live, surrounded by people as some kind of family, not just strangers that can’t be part of my life for some seconds.

This is the guy I want to be. And just like music or calligraphy, it’s first putting your efforts, and some day, at some point, getting some recognition. Not fame, not money, just this smile, and knowing that I, contributed to give birth to that smile.

This is partly why I love my job as an interaction designer, forcing the utopic side of it, aiming to make people’s life a bit easier.

Although, the best part is in the street exchange, interacting directly with people, with simple gestures. Feedback is not always there, but as I said, like music or calligraphy or any art, it’s a matter of believing in what you’re doing and be patient.

Wow, this thing has enlightened my day. : )

Thailand is being expert in simple life lessons lately. They’re all very easy, with the piano in background and stuff, but hey, the message is there.

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