The influence of facebook on your body and soul

3 years ago, I was investigating for my end of term project around the word ‘water’. This brought me to discover all types of facts around the holy liquid, one that scared me the most is that we’re actually running out of water and will be out of it in not such a long time. But anyway, this is not what I want to get into here, although it’s a subject that is indeed interesting.

This morning, my neurones kindly related 2 things they found in my brain and as a result generated something I found interesting.

In the early 90’s, a japanese scientist/doctor studied frozen water through a microscope discovering not only its beautiful crystal shapes, but also that they were all different for each different water he observed.

He observed that some were beautiful and some could also be somehow ugly, or less harmonious should I say. He ended up relating the elegance of the shape to the vibration surrounding the water. Those vibration could come be physical from music, but also emotional from persons.

He made a curious and kind of strange experiment: he placed a glass of water in his lab in a city and asked his students, in a different city, to think of this water and send positive thoughts to it. Don’t remember clearly the details of the experiment, but the conclusion was that a human being could send good vibrations to this water and change the form of its frozen crystals, making them look more harmonious, symetric and regulars.

The human being is made of 70% of water; ergo: good vibrations, caused by harmonious music, meditation or good experiences with other people makes us be healthier and happier, basically.

Well I thought, if I had several people from around the world thinking of me in a good way, those vibes should be absorbed by the water in my body and change to a beautifully harmonious water that would create harmony in me.

But how can I get several people to think of me in a good way…?

Eureka!! Facebook!

The mechanism is simple:

– post a link or a though that will make your reader laugh or thankful and think of you in a positive way.

– receive the vibes.

– get the harmony.

Post positivity, post funny stuff, be happy!

Isn’t it lovely?

It’s weird, I’m aware of that. But can blame my neurones, they doing their job the best they can.

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