Thailand 2013

It is happening! a bit more than 12h and I’ll be on a plane to Helsinki to meet with Sara and there both grab the same flight to Bangkok!

Several weeks planning, and it’s not all well defined, but totally enough for what we need, getting lost.

I bought yesterday my first backpacker bag, nice and huge. 33 years old is not too late I guess.

Checked all kind of shit lists, almost ready to go. Hard to figure out what to take and what to leave, don’t want to hurt my back with too much weight, but also don’t want to miss anything.

Got weeks of advices from people that went there, got a full first-care pack nicely prepared by Nuria. I guess I don’t miss anything. And if I do, it’s fine anyway, if I got my passport and the tickets, we’ll ge to Bangkok, and we’ll figure out.

The plan for the moment:

Saturday to monday: Bangkok

Monday: train to Chumphon, spend the night there.

Tuesday: boat to Ko Tao.

This is how far we know we got room booked.

Then maybe thursday leave for Ko Pangham, maybe Ko Samui.

At some point leave for Kanchanaburi, Kwai River. And probably friday go back to Bangkok for some Muai Thai, some shopping, and probably go back home on sunday.

I call that a squeleton of a plan; opened to be broke out into pieces.

This is definitely exciting in any case.

I proposed myself to not upload any shit to Facebook. Facebook is not a photo sharing platform (not a honest one anyway), but somewhere to pour pictures to create envy. If ever I’m uploading pictures, it will be whether crappy pictures to FB via Instagram, whether good picture to this blog. It’s very honest in my opinion to show pictures on a blog people have to access to if they want to. I don’t want people in an office feeling sad because I’m walking barefoot on a amazing white sand beach, It’s not ethical in my opinion. Just to be clear, I did it before, not with bad intentions, but I did it. I will switch to something more discreet.

And now I’m thinking that I should keep on packing instead of writing…

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