Summer in Barcelona

Beautiful days in Barcelona.

Arrived on the 10th, for our yearly offsite with all teams from Brazil, England, USA and Spain.
2 highlights from my point of view:
First one, we had our traditional sport activity, this year, paddle tennis. Not very accurate idea in the way that who lost its first match had nothing to do for the rest of the time apart from watching others play and wait. But that wasn’t enough for me, and I managed to find a foot ball and ended up spending most ot the time playing around with the ball and friends. Awesome, since I hadn’t play football for years, because of my beloved back. Of course I went too far, and I hurt myself a bit, but nothing important, specially compared to the fun I had.

Then , we had our big dinner and few nice drinks. Lovely to see my buddy Dani after all those month without catching up. Drinks, Karaoké, sang Help and Bohemian Rapshody with Angela, fun person.
But then at 12h30, the bar closed and the music was over. Again, not enough to end MY night. So I took a guitar that was there on the bar, and started playing; ended up entertaining the crowd, launching melodies and letting them sing. Really nice moment, that ended up around 3h30.

And since everybody was exhausted and went to bed, I enjoyed the fact that we were in the middle of the countryside, hanging out alone under the stars for a bit before sleeping.

11th, second day of offsite, nothing special. At the end of the day, I took my mates Dani Ricardo and Carlos for a ride in Barcelona through the best places for drinks and food.

First, my dear Mitja Vida, for a quality vermuth; several of them. Then, after a quick drop home, to Can Xurrades, for some nice meat, with Ricardo, Carlos, Teresa, Matylda and Ale, treated by the friendly owner. took him 3min to remember who I was, but once done, I was able to enjoy the good treatment. After that, quick drop to Raïm in Gracia por a quality mojito. Started dancing to the sounds of buena vista social club, nice. Then ended up in Otto Sutz, joined back by Dani, for the “last drinks”. We ended up late, exhausted, but satisfied.

On friday, I believe I stayed home to rest.

On saturday, I had this calligraphy workshop I had sign up for. Nice to meet with ana, Alba, Tatiana, and meet new people interested by the art of drawing letters. Nice all day long workshop. At the end of the day, I met with Laura and I was invited for a dinner at night at her friends place. Nice food, nice people, some drinks, and then, the sadly unavoidable Razzamatazz. Cool night, ended up on Laura’s friends sofa. Before 14h I was home, after a short walk through Sants, finding a lovely calligraphic huge graffiti next to L’illa.

Monday, last of work before a week of holidays, from the Barcelona’s office. Nice to meet with Matylda, Vicky, Lucho, Arnau, Raquel, Ana. Had a long pleasant lunch with Matylda.

At 19h, I had this long awaited with Sara at Sants, to go the Playa del Garraf to spend the end of the day.

We arrived there at 20h, Quick swim, a first and, shortly after, a second mojito on the sand, and then right up to the restaurant for a Paella, with mojitos of course. Talks, drinks, food, and at 22h45, we asked the waiter when is the last train for Barcelona. The answer: 22h30.

We had a problem.

The few options we had were paying a awful expensive taxi back home, hitching, pay a hotel, or spend the night on the beach. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this last option was by far the most exciting to me, and I was really happy to hear that it turned out to be Sara’s too. 3min conversation, and we were clear about it: this night, we’re staying on the beach.

After several mojitos, I asked the waiter for a tablecloth to have something to sleep on, and 4 mojitos in a bottle before they closed the place.

When this happened around 00h30, that was it, the restaurant terrace with amazing view was exclusively ours, and also was the beach.

Midnight bath, hang out, look at the stars, no cold at all. A great night, until 5h when we took the first train back to Barcelona. Magic night.

Tuesday, relaxed at home, watching a movie, hanging out with my brother playing FIFA.

Wednesday, meet again with Sara to go this time to Sant Pol de Mar. Had heard a lot about the place, and I wanted to discover it. Car, pick up Sara, beach, swim, crazy good paella on the beach, planning the trip to Thailand in September. Quick laying on the beach and back home.

Quick shower, and out again for a gastronomic meeting at Mitja vida. Went with Sara, met Eloi, Alvaro, Juan, Boronat, Marcel, and Mercé shortly after joined, which was nice.

Around 1h, quick drinks in a bar, and the night was over. Amazing rain felt on us, huge quantity of water in few minutes.

Thursday afternoon, Sara invited me to join for attending the end of term project presentation at our former school where we both met, IDEP.
Nice to meet with Oscar, Marc, Fabrizio, Tilman, Yolanda, Alba. 1 fashion project was interesting out of 3, and 1 graphic project really stroke our attention, an ode to transexual pornographics, fresh shit.

Then we met with some of them at Morro fi for more Vermuths, and ended up in a bar next to Apollo for some more drinks the few of us that remained. Quick one after that at Marula’s, and night was over.

Friday, just hanging out home, enjoying the swimimg pool and being with the family.

Saturday, after a good night of sleep, I woke up at 6h45 with clear intentions: getting the most out of this last day in Barcelona (sunday doesn’t count, it’s sunday chicken (: ).

First, at 8h00, put on my mountain shoes and went for a 2h walk in Collserola, enjoying the nice pines smell and the unique views on Barcelona.

10h00, I had come back and jumped straight away in the car to go to the beach, El Garraf again. Quick swim, at 12h30 I was back home. left the car, quick FIFA with my bro, and heading to Ariane’s place for lunch at 14h.

Awesome afternoon, lot of drinks, beat our own personal record, drinking down 3 bottle of cava the both of us. Talks, drinks, great veggie food she had prepared with quality, and music, on her beautiful terrace.

this last until 22h, when I left for the next meeting of the night, at Numil’s place.

It’s always a pleasure to meet up with my old school mate Numil Julia and Kate, but this time, 2 more surprises: Aline and Lluna!!! Two beautiful girls I hadn’t seen for almost 13 years!

Me, 5 beautiful girls, drinks and food, music, terrace again. Felt absolutely awesome. So lucky to know those girls. At 6h45, after seeing the sun rise, I got into bed, happy that I totally managed to get the most out of those short 24 past hours. Mountain, beach, lunch, dinner party, drinks, laugh, beautiful views, way too awesome : )

And today, sunday, the traditional sunday chicken prepared with love and care but my dear Mamma.

Hurts a bit to go back home now, but I know that if I’m having this light sadness inside, it’s because I’ve had a blast. I did it well, with the priceless collaboration of my mother, that once again made me feel like if I was about to be crowned king of the world tomorrow.


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