Something new everyday #6: build a band and record a song

That’s a “something new” for the whole week end.


18h: decide I want to try recording “Basket case” (Green Day) drums guitar bass and voice.

19h30: leave home for the studio I usually go to “just” to play drums. Walk the crowdy streets and take the metro with my guitar, in its suitcase, in one hand and my bass, with no suitcase, in the other one. In my Eastpak, everything I need: cables, iphone charger, rack, headphones, food, water.

20h: Arrive at the studio and realize that I forgot the drum sticks… can’t believe it, want to kill myself at this moment. The owners of the studio lend me the worst sticks ever made by humanity, made of plastic, and bouncy. I’m about to cry.

20h15: I start recording the guitar.

21h00: I’m almost there, not happy, but I’m getting there; that’s when the A string breaks… Again, want to kill myself. But nevermind, what I have is what I’ll use.

21h15: start recording the bass. Done in 1 hour.

22h00: start recording the drums. I managed to deal with some guys rehearsing in the next room some decent wooden sticks.I start playing and realize I don’t have the stamina I used to have. I don’t want to kill myself anymore, I’m just about to die! It’s fast and I’m exhausted.

22h50: I hit my own hand with the stick and understand why drums is about hitting the drums, not the hands. Hurts.

I repeat again and again, my arm is about to fall off, I’m sweating, in the same place where 1h ago I was almost cold.

23h45: It’s over, I’m done. Got the 2 instruments recorded. No time for voice, and let’s face it, I sing like crap, better leave it like it is.

1H00: Start throwing the content into After effects and syncing the videos. This is starting to look good. At least it’s syncronized.

4h30: I’m done, I’m happy. I got what I went for.

8h00: My damned biological clocks automatically wakes me up. First thing I think is to get up and keep on working with After Effects.

12H00: I get out of bed.

Eat, wash plates and those kinds of boring stuff, keep on working on the video, after effects, iMovie, back to after effects, soundbooth, back to iMovie, export, wait, realize I forgot the sound, export again, wait again.

17h: done. ready to upload to youtube.

17h30 uploaded to youtube, and this post is written.

Again, I had no plans for this week end, but when you are passionate about something, you don’t care about the rest. I recommend it.

PS: Just got a mail from youtube saying that my video is apparently violating some sort of copyrights and it looks like I’m using content owned by Warner. NOT.

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