Something new everyday #4: Toledo

Today I went to Toledo, south of Madrid, 30 minutes by train. Quite cold as I was expecting, my hands are actually crackled and bleeding.

Toledo is a beautiful city, full of history, conquers and kingdoms and stuff; and that’s maybe why I didn’t love it… The city is full of shops selling weapons, everything in the city sends you back to ideas of war and death. The Big castle in the middle of town, huge and good looking, is in fact a big ol’ fat museum dedicated to army and war. The most boring I’ve seen lately…

So I relied more than usual on my meal to save the day. Looked up in Foursquare and found a nice place, Meson la Orza. The place was already entirely reserved before it opened (good sign), but there was no problem if I was willing to seat on the terrace. Have a nice meal sitting at the sun? Not a problem for me, bring it on!

Then after passing by my next destination, Museum El Greco, and finding it was closed, I decided it could be nice to have a view at the river.

Instead of a quick peek, I end up having a LOVELY big walk all along the Tajo river.

This is exactly was I needed: Ducks and birds, sounds of water and nature, people fishing, feeding the ducks, me climbing the rocks to get one of those view one has to look for. Lovely.

On my way back, I bought one of the specialities of Toledo, Marzipan. Delicious.

So yeah, instead of old bricks and history, I enjoyed great food, nature and walking. A nice day indeed…

PD: I just sat on the sofa and as I sat, I started laughing nervously for how comfortable it felt. Star Wars VI baby!

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