Something new everyday #31: join a choir

Here´s a brand new “something new everyday” entry, and it goes about me enrolling into a choir to learn how to sing.

I´ve been playing instruments for many years now, and the only one that just keeps on failing is that one I always carry around, the voice. I´ve been singing, a lot, for long time, home alone, in the car, at parties, at Kartel de Malasaña, or trying to back my man Tyler with harmonies. The positive thing has always been the enjoyment of singing. The downer is that I just suck at singing.

And I want to believe that even though it tends to be a natural gift, one can learn things and improve.

My decision to join the choir came from that video I saw online, old folks in a plane, just singing around acapella with beautiful voices.

And it makes me think that this is something I want to be able to do, just sing along with friends and go through the joy of playing music.

I joined about one month ago, and tomorrow is my first concert, in a church on calle Atocha.
Let´s see what happens.

Curiously, my last entry about doing something new everyday was after my first concert at Sala Caracol with my samba band.

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