Something new everyday #30: Play live in Madrid in front of 500 people

Earlier this year in June I attended this TED event in Madrid. In this post from june I talk about the influence of the last talk on me, and that I would make a switch according to the ideas transmitted. Straight away I decided that I wanted to join a drum band. After a quick search, I called and join a samba band mid-september, Bloco Do Baliza.

And 2 month after, 17th of november, I was lucky enough to be part of one of the big events of the band, live show at ‘sala Caracol’, one of Madrid’s main venue, prepared for 500 people.
I made it and experienced what I was looking for when I joined, which is this gathering of people around music. Not even sure how much we were, but I will always remember the sensations; stress before the show, fun during the show, and big communion at the end, true happiness, all smiles and cheering, non stop hugs and high fives.
For some time, I thought I would leave the band after the show, because it’s not always easy to attend rehearsals, but after this experience, I changed my mind, and will keep up with the first plan: play at another of the band’s big event, Madrid’s gay pride.
It hasn’t been easy, I had to create my own scores to make sure I would learn what I had to be ready, I barely slept the week before the show because of late rehearsals, but it definitely was worth the sacrifice.
Turned out to be maybe the greatest week end since I’m in Madrid; great party on friday dressed as the 1930 chicago’s mob, wonderful experience with the show and right after, huge party until early in the morning.
A week end with all the best people I know in Madrid. My fridge is empty because of all I explained above, but the heart is warm and fulfilled.

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