Something new everyday #28: Draw a poster for my neighbors

Everyday, I take the elevator to get to my appartment. And everyday I’m forced to see this anger note someone hanged up on the wall telling people that rubbish shouldn’t be left on the floor but in the trash can. This not was necesary since it actually happened that someone left his shit on the floor instead of the can; I don’t understand some people.

Friday I decided that although this note couldn’t be avoided, maybe its aspect could be improved.

I had a plan: write the same text, looking better. Hopefully, it would make my neighbors smile and improve the “waiting for the elevator” experience a bit.

It took me 5 hours. It’s ready. Just need to print it, because I like the result and don’t want to loose this poster.

I used dark “edding 1200”, copperplate pen with black ink, and for the fly, I used an istock image, used trace paper to transfer the drawing to the poster and use red gouache to draw it.

I’m curious about how my neighbors will react.

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