Something new everyday #27: reduce social network waist of time


I’ve decided to act against this addictive and time waisting habit of checking facebook, instagram and path compulsively.

The easy way: hide it for my iPhone first page and replace them with productive app that bring to me interesting content like Flipboard (connected to my Greader), Gabi (connected to facebook filtering and only showing me links posted, not the garbage), Twitter, and Feedly, also connected to my Greader (still figuring out which one of both is best; Flipboard clearly winning for the moment).

I started realizing how much time I was waisting opening and checking facebook, looking for nothing and getting nothing most of the time nothing that was turning on lights in my head.

Sure I could have erased those time waisting apps, but I like to check them from time to time, and I think that if it’s done in a reasonable way, it’s still fun. On the other hand, at the office, I installed the Chrome Plugin “pomodoro” that blocks facebook gmail and other time waisting shit for periods of 25min. Also works pretty well to fight against the compulsive facebook checking.

I would totally not delete my facebook account, I use it many positive ways and it’s been this way for 5 years now.

But time has come to stop the social drugs and use internet for it’s best value: knowledge.

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