Something new everyday #25: Samba!

I registered to be part of a brazilian percussion band, one of those when 50 people gather and play together samba.


First, I love those percussion band and I’ve loved them for many years. When I go play drums I actually usuallu spend the last 30min playing some kind of random samba, which chills me a lot.

Second, I’ve been playing drums and percussion for years now, and I think it’s perfect I finally go for being a drummer.

Third, drums and percussions are the sound of earth, and especially those band and rythm that would the most depressive person’s feet dance. It’s starting to play, and all sort of people automatically, instintively gather, smile, dance, clap. And I believe that being part of the orchestra must be an awsome moment.

Fourth, I wanna make some kind of physical exercice, and that will be great.

Fifth, I finally get a band, we’re already 50 persons right from the beginning.

Sixth: let’s do it!

The objective: improve, be soon part of the band and next july be in the street playing for the next gay pride in Madrid. Nothing related to any aspect of my sexuality, just that it’s one year away from today. :)

Just do it.

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