Something new everyday #23: discovering parks of Madrid


Ask for a park in Madrid, you’ll probably get sent to Retiro in 99% of the cases. But I’m discovering it’s not all about it.

2 weeks ago, I went to visit ‘jardin del capricho’ and was rewarded the 30min. trip with a beautiful green space, smaller than Retiro, but so much more beautiful, quiet and cleaner.

Today: parque fuente del Berro. Actually decided to walk there from home (5.6km, 7503 steps – source: Pedometer App) to sit in the grass and write my last post about the TED conference. Done.

On my way walking through Retiro’s park, I went through a book fair that was nice. But this place where I’m sitting is so peacefull, staying just by the fountain on the picture, with the relaxing sound of water. Worth it, yes.

Going back home, to cook my first mexican lunch. Yesterday, coming back from the conference walking, I ran into a mexican food shop and ended buying tacos, jalapeƱos, frijoles and crazy spicy salsa. Let’s see how it goes…

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