Something new everyday #22: my first TED conference

After years of attending all types of conferences, I finally attended the mother of all interesting talks session: TED. It was actually a TEDx conference, independently organised; but still, the content was quite interesting and very inspiring for most of the talks.

nspiring to listen to the 17years old Nikhil Goyal talk about what school should be today, Juan Jimenez Rocabery explaining why loosing his job was the best that had happen to him, moving to listen to Catalina Hodfman talking how she changed the way our eldery are treated in nurseries, totally refreshing to listen Marcello Girone Daloli explaining why he left advertising world to move to Zimbabwe and help people to there to struggle against their poverty.

The last session was leaded by Drum Café and ended up being personal favourite.

We, 500 attendees, were given a percussion each. And for 30minutes, the all space transformed into a giant drum band. Totally amazing; could not take the smile out of my face. But apart from this incredible musical session, the leader of the band talked for 5 minutes and made us focus on how good we were all feeling after unleashing all our stress in harmony, of how important the union of feelings and souls is important nowadays, when social networks are imitating this feeling digitally and isolating us. The message is simple: we have to learn from Africa, learn to build real people communities, share and build emotions, and stop focusing on our screens. His message totally influenced my point of view and perspective. I will make a switch, it is important.

I will also try to pay a lot more attention to the plastic I’m using; we are using a material that takes 500 years to dissapear. It’s ruining our oceans, as we saw in a video about birds in the Midways dying of swallowing plastic elements; that totally impacted me.

It was also the first conference I attended where the food served was all vegan. Quite good!

It was a rich experience to attend this first TED, and I can’t wait for more.

Very highly recomended, definitely worst the 50€.


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