Something new everyday #19: lot of them

Many things. Through my boating classes I’m learning lot of new stuff, maybe too much, but still interesting, since totally new. It’s also interesting to be taught by a man who was for years for the comandant of the only spanish aircraft carrier, an old fashioned war veteran with lot of experiences to talk about.

Thanks to Dani and Mercé those days I also have been testing new mobile apps and new interesting ways of communicating digitally.
Last week end, I was lucky enough to be sent by my company to Salamanca for the ‘UXspain’, 2 days of conference in an absolutely beautiful city I didn’t know about before. I was fascinated by the calligraphic exhibition available on almost every building; was told later that Andreu Ballius managed this project, really impressive work, quality calligraphic work, not only respectful with the city’s charms but also enhancer of it’s beauty.
On the second day, after a long day of conference, hearing absurd insights about user tests, on my way back to the hotel, I was offered the music of a marvelous band playing in the street, the Ukulele Clan Band. Made forget about all the stress of the crazy UX insights; sitting on the grass, in the falling sun, listening to the great music of this band has been a wonderful and unique experience. I’ve been listening to their music everyday since then and will attend their concert next thursday in Madrid.

I had the chance to go there with Bea, Ana and Rocio, 3 great girls from work it was really pleasant to spend time with. I’ll go back soon to Salamanca if I can, still a lot to discover outthere.

On the other hand, I defined my summer with great plans: 4days in Geneva with my good friends Elie for the Paleo festival, 10 days in NY in august with my good new friend Emily, and 4 days in England with my good new friends Dani and Ana. Good times with great people, can’t be best planned.
On the last hours, waiting to go to the station, I found myself one of those unique moment: sitting in the middle of a beautiful plaza, alone, in the sun, with a accordion player that was playing for me, since there was nobody else. Great.

Sunday, to kill the hangover, decided to grab my stuff and go have a walk to ‘parque del capricho’ outside of the center of Madrid. I read that it’s a beautiful park, so I went to check it by myself. And yes, it is a lovely park, quiet, fresh air, nicely built, really worth the 30min metro trip (and getting lost).

To go back, I discovered that ‘calle Alcala’ began where I was, and browsing its extension on google maps, realized that it ends at ‘puerta del sol’, 10km away. So I decided it could fun to walk those 12km to home. It was some kind of pleasant walk mixed with some sort of improvised sociological study of what Madrid is made of, like cutting the city with my steps and viewing all the layers of it. Walked, stopped for a banana, ate it walking, stopped for a mango, ate it walking, and so on until arriving at puerta del sol 90min. later, where a all bunch of people were filling the entire plaza to protest against the stupid government some voted.

Another new thing is that I’m getting closer everyday to leading one of the project I’m working on, still reporting to whom is actually in charge, but everyday more responsible, which is really great.

Lot of new stuff, learning and playing Johnny Cash songs on the guitar and singing (bad, but singing), speaking with people I care about, enjoying getting out of bed once at 00h30 because I realized that the full moon was out and it was closer to earth it can be, just to take pictures of it, and maybe some more little etceteras I’m forgetting of but that makes one richer inside. Or not, dunna… I think it does.

Last but not least, I saw this ad the other day, and I can’t stop watching it… Especially for the old woman first shown at 00:22 with a normal face, and at 01:07 with a expression of absolute joy and emotion. Beautiful.

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