Something new everyday #18: tooth off and strawberries

Lot of news stuff those days.

First: I started taking classes to get my license as a pleasure boat skipper.

Not easy. Not easy at all considering that every word has a different equivalent on boats.

I was already this summer on getting a boat with friends and ride from Barcelona to Menorca but first, the 12 miles from the coast limit doesn’t allow me for this 40 miles trip, and second, my teacher, an old retired army aircraft commandant, like in the movies (all his powerpoints slide have a war related ship background image), told me that I’ll have to practice a lot before leaving for any long trip.

So my summer plan is off the table for the moment. But I’ll do my best to get this license anyway. And if not, it’s fun anyway.

Last friday, went out with some friends, met some other one on the way, ended up being a very special night I’ll always remember.

So great that didn’t even care that my dear Barça lost against Madrid the night after. Really didn’t.

Then on monday, I had this very unwanted experience: having a tooth taking out of my mouth.

I had no idea of the process; turns out to be very simple: sleeps half your mouth away, get a big pliers, grabs the tooth strongly, and just pulls until it pops out. that’s 3 minutes pulling. Pretty ugly experience.

The night after was great: couldn’t anything but liquid stuff, spent the night with slight pain and drinking my own blood all night long. The day after: same stuff, without the blood drinking. Gazpacho for breakfast, gazpacho for lunch, gazpacho for dinner. Lovely.

It’s no big deal in the end, but it is definitely tremendously annoying.

Still have to wash my mouth with water and salt, not the best taste.

The purpose of this blog is to read it in the future; not sure I will want to read this, but anyway…

Today, had a stressful day. But in the end, I came back to life.

Tonight, had planned watching the game. Barça lost yesterday, again. And I started thinking: if Madrid wins, I’ll be annoyed. If Bayern wins, I’ll be happy, but just because I hate Madrid. Are any feelings good in this? nope.

This happened at the same time when a furtive magic moment came out.

The risotto was cooking, Sigur Ros started playing from Spotify, I was looking outside the windows. It was calm, blue sky, full of swallows flying and tweeting. And I was lucky enough to realize this moment was great. And iPhoned enough to record a short video of this moment. This IS something I will want to remember.

I decided the match was not something I wanted to see; this moment was something I needed.

So I cooked, and then for desert invented this marvelous melting strawberry soup.

And now I’m sitting writing this. I did peeped at the score through internet. But still won’t watch the game. Feel more like painting actually.

Maybe I will… If I do, I know it will be listening to Sigur Ros “()”…

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