Something new everyday #17: one year without using deodorant


What a great title to attract readers…

This something new is something new that happened 1 year ago aprox. Walking through one of those small street market in Madrid full of small producers selling their home made products or eco food, I found this woman selling natural deodorant. I found this very interesting, at a moment when my traditional sanex bar was actually irritating my skin. She explained me that this deodorant was made of mineral salts, that it was used in countries like Morroco as the only option for deodorant; and it actually reminded me straight away this little stick my grand father used to apply on cuts after shaving. Turned out to be actually the same product. So anything nee, just something that has been there forever.

10€, for something that I was told last 1 year. I bought it.

First, I made the rookie mistake of using it as I used my good old Sanex bar, that’s to say applying it very lightly. That was 8 o’clock, at 12 I was starting to get some funky man smells coming from underneath my shirt. Natural, but I wasn’t crazy about so much ‘naturalness’. But kept on using it and if ever I was getting the man-smells, I was always carrying a sanex rescue bar to turn this fire out. But then I started applying it in a more intense way, that means rubbing it for 30sec. each arms.

Never had to use my sanex bar again, that was it. I didn’t get to suffer any skin irritations either. This thing works perfectly. It costs 10€ and does last for long. No turning back for me.

Comparing ingredients:

Aqua, dypropylene glycol, glycerin, propylene glycol, stearic acid, perfum (perfum?), sodium hydroxyde, styren/acrylate copolymer.

Mineral salts bar:

Potassium alum, mineral salts. Done.

Not a product any company would make money of, so not available in supermarkets, must be purchased in natural/bio stores, but easy to find.

Also works perfectly for what my grand father used it for, to heal straight away any shave cuts.

It’s been one year and my conclusion is: avoid chemicals, get the natural stuff, it’s best for everyone, health, sustainability, everything…

Get it!

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