Something new everyday #14: handmade present and hibiscus flowers

Taking advantage of what I’ve learn in the calligraphic workshop in Les Angels, I decided that for the 60th birthday of my stepfather, I would draw a nice quote, frame it and give him as a present.

It’s really a different approach. First because it’s even more risky than to offer a sweater or shoes. But most of all, second, it’s the most personalized present ever.

Of several quotes I found, I went for one that I find totally appropriate for a 60 years old man that manages different companies at the same time and rides mountain bikes at a very high level, a level I would have to train for months before I reach it.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”, by Les Brown.

I also added a nice blue note 5cds pack to complete the present, just in case…

On the other hand, there was another something new. I bought a can of hibiscus flower drowned in some kind of marple syrup to throw into the cava. Surprising, good looking and nice taste. Will do it again.

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