Something new everyday #13: La Sierra de Madrid, at last!


Leaving home. Had a strong breakfast, on one hand because before a long walk it’s the right thing to do, on the other hand because my fridge is almost empty of food.

I’m not sure of where I’m going; I mean I know WHERE I’m going, but I’m not sure what to expect. I Build my route based on two of them I saw in a guide for long walks in La Sierra; I made my own one. It’s pretty exciting.

I could totally stay home today, hang out, watch movies and stuff, but there’s something that made me set my alarm clock to 7:00 on a day that I’m not working. First I feel my body disserves some kind of excercise and fresh air; second because it’s been a long time since I wanted to go to La Sierra.

Enough reasons.

It’s cold outside, 1 degree, but the sun is shining.


In the metro; the old woman sitting by my side on my left just bend over to her left and farted. Didn’t hear anything, she just unleashed a deadly hot sound of silence.

That’s kind of her…


This world is full of sweet things, but most of them are to be discovered.

This world is also full of sweet people:

I entered the bus and wanted to pay my ticket with a 50€ bill; but the driver didn’t have change and he was really not willing to help me obviously, and bus was leaving in 3min, which didn’t left me enough time to get some coins. Next bus one hour after, which would have been anoying in different aspects.

So I turned around to this couple I had behind me; I heard them speaking french so I asked them in french if, in case they were also going to Manzanares as I, they could help me paying and I would give them the money back when arriving there. Although they weren’t french at all, after explaining me it was german I heard them speaking, they didn’t doubt one second and payed for me. Now, isn’t it nice? I would have done the same, but how many people would? I feel that a not lot; maybe I’m pessimist about peoples generosity and kindness, but maybe it allows me to enjoy those moments.

That’s was heart warming.

On the bus, on my way to the mountain!


Getting there, but from the bus, I’m already enjoying the simple view of cows, bulls, storks, lakes and mountains. Marvelous.


Lunch in a valley. Amazing view. Sun in my face. Sounds of birds, and a donkey eating 20 meters away down hill.


I’m totally exhausted; but this walk was totally lovely. 6hours walking and enjoying the wild mountains landscapes. Nothing that is not nature was present. Just stones, tress, animals, and paths that were sometimes not easy at all to use.

I had a target, located on some sort of crappy map. Never got there. But it’s ok. First there was some people I could ask my way to. Second I ended up in a incredible place for my lunch I was carrying in my bag. An amazing place. But I can how I describe this with words? I don’t believe I can.

I’ve walked a lot, enjoyed a lot, got what I came for and found those unexpected things life sometime offers one.

One thing I can say is that I’ve never seen so much corks in my all life. I’ve actually never in a city where corks are more numerous that average birds. Impressive pieces of huge birds.

That’s really all I can say, the rest is to be seen; on picture yes it’s nice. But the real stuff is something else.

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