Something new everyday #12: testing my body resistance with 4 days of real intense fiesta

Just had the most intense week of partying, AND the best time ever.


Footbal match with Alvaro, drunk some few tintos de verano. Nice to meet again with someone I hadn’t seen for more than 1 year.

Alcohol level: low
Sleep time: 6h


Went to work, and straight after went for what was supposed to be a few drinks with few people from the office to celebrate our friend’s departure to Brasil. End up being a alcohol fest with almost all my dear UX team, a all fucking crew of great and kind people. No dinner included; ended up at 6h in the morning. But this night has been of the best I’ve had lately, some experiences I had been looking for for month finally occured, greater than great.

Alcohol level: High
Sleep time: 1h


Went to work. Very tough day of course after sleeping 1 hour, but had this wonderful night in mind.

At night: Gentlemen club dinner, or dinner with great guys from the office, ate some ostrich, drunk lotta wine, laughed a awefull lot, like I hadn’t laughed for long time. Then met with non-gentlemen-club nice people, more partying, more vodka flowing; ended up in my buddy’s flat, enjoying a lovely end of night with 3 more people, drunk the best vodka ever, enjoyed this chill out a lot.

Alcohol level: High, again
Sleep time: 5 hours


Didn’t go to work of course, didn’t go for food shopping, but developped a great way to manage the hangover, based on cleaning the flat, mixed with doing some calligraphy, playing the bass and the guitar, listening to some great music while singing and moving the body. The tricks is to mix everything: wash 2 plates, stop it for a message received on facebook, take the brush and paint something that went trought the mind, go back to washing, dancing to Madness (one step beyond), wash 3 glasses, stop it because I want to play the song that popped on on the bass, finish washing plates, play the guitar, put clothes to dry. Next thing you know the day is almost over and no headaches or nothing!

So you think: shit, it’s St Patrick, let’s go celebrate it!

So I did. Met with more different nice colleagues from work, met their nice friends, had some more vodka flowing, laughed, danced (at least tried) etc etc etc….. Met the most friendly and high taxi you can meet when coming back home from party, great moment.

Alcohol level: Medium
Sleep time: 5 hours


Well, the party is over. It MUST be. Woke up at 10, hanged around, ate, started watching a movie, started sleeping 20min after it began, when to bed to make it a real proper nap; was 15h, set the alarm clock to 16h15, woke up at 19h15.

It is time to give my body some fresh air.

Tomorrow, I’m taking my body to the mountain for a long and fresh walk. The way he held on those day allowed my soul to enjoy some incredibly wonderful and intense moments, it disserves a good reward. :)

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