Something new everyday #10: Cook in the morning


Today, my something new was to wake up at 7 (that’s not new), shower (that’s not new either) and cook (that is!).

It’s been maybe 2 or 3 weeks now that I almost everyday bring my food at work instead of eating to the crappy cantine we have or spend more than 10€ on an average meal at one of the restaurants around.

Apart from the money saving, I eat so much better; it’s my food, I know what’s inside, I choose the products, I cook it the way I like, it’s perfect. On top of the money saving, there’s the time saving detail. I need 30 minutes max to eat, instead of 1 hour.

But today instead of eating what I had for dinner the day before, I actually had food cooked on the same morning. And cooking in the morning was great! Put some Toots & the Maytals, the sun was shinning already through my windows, Started cutting vegetables, the chicken breasts, add some curcuma, threw everything in the pan and 15 minutes after, my food for lunch was packed and ready to go. While I was waiting for the cooking, I made this wonderful breakfast, a tea, and basically enjoyed the moment I WILL do this again, specially when it will officially be summer and the mornings will be hot.

And today, it’s been 1 year since I landed in Madrid; that’s pretty something new too I guess, although I did not do anything about it apart from remembering, which is already nice.

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