Something good from anywhere

When I left work today, I felt weird not having any plans for the night, not used to it. So on the bus, I looked up for live music. After 3 or 4 websites and shit, end up seeing that in Shoreditch, close from where I live, there was an event, with live music, poetry, performance, organized by the South Asian Women Creative Collective (SAWCC, pronunce “Sawcee”), at 7pm; it was 6:45pm. I thought “that’s weird enough, let’s do it.

Arrived in a place filled mainly by middle east women, from I think Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, just guessing, but they had this beauty those woman have.

Just before the stuff began, after standing up against the wall alone for 30min with my cider, two woman came to me, very politely introduced themselves, and asked more or less what the hell was I doing here alone. I explained, we talked, one of them was the author, Aisha Gill, of the book that was being presented that night “honour, killing and violence” (the all reason for the event by the way), we spoke, it was cool.

Apparently, she’s very engaged in fighting honour murders and general men violence against women. A great woman.

Then some poetry, and some monologue, one I specially loved.

But most of all, a british girl came to sing, Lucy Ward. And she ended being this thing that made me think “ok, I spent those 3hours there and I got something special.

Beautiful litle show, a girl with enormous characters and personality, very engaged in her lyrics, full of life, one that makes anyone love her straight away.

turns out she’s quite famous in England after winning a music contest on the BBC and releasing a disc well received.

Here’s the highest point of her show.

A great night it was.

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