Sunday 22th january 2012; my first visit to Segovia.
I say first because I’ll definitely go back soon. I already fixed two reasons for this: seeing it covered in snow, and visiting the gastronomic feria at mid-february.

It’s a quite small town, 30 minutes south of Madrid by train, that concentrates in its antique neighborhood dozens of cathedrals, monasteries, old houses and narrow streets where you can feel the past, an old past.

I arrived there at 10:07 and left at 21:05. 11hours.

I spent approximatively 9hours walking up and down, crossing the city from end to end once and again, enjoying the dense fog in the morning that gave this mystical feeling to those old buildings, climbing the beautiful ‘alcazar’, built on the edge of a big reef from which you can admire a beautiful panoramic view over the all city and more, walking and walking the streets and passing through every single “point of interest” described in my touristic map; this is actually cool to be able to discover an entire village in one day.

Hopefully, I have a friend I could rely on for some indications for lunch time, and I was sent to a nice place, where I was kindly attended and served nice local food. I didn’t read the menu, I was told what to eat and I didn’t bother scanning, I was told to order ‘judiones’ and ‘cochinillo’, and this is what I did.

‘Judiones’ were for me a ‘first time’, the first time I ate bull tale and ear. Can’t say it was bad, but it’s not going to my food shopping list. Then the famous ‘cochinillo’, the well knowned Segovian dish. My ‘wish I would be a veggie’ part stood quiet and didn’t talk, because it knew there was no hope…

After this good meal, back to second part of my long walk, went all the way down hill to observe the alcazar from a different and impressive point of view, climbed back, visited the huge cathedral and kept on visiting more antique buildings and houses.

The last thing I had on my to-do list was to walk again to the alcazar, but in night mode this time. It was lovely, but the cathedral was even more impressive with all those shining lights pointing at it from several different spots.

A great time, intense walking, great food and wine: a nice day indeed.

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