Road Trip, second day

After looking on internet for where to find those sequoias they have here, and after discarding any option that would take me hours of cars away from San José, I finally found a hidden gem called “butano Park” that was fitting exactly what I was looking for: walk in the park and driving by the coast.

On the road again, music out loud, sunshine, and feeling free.

After a quick stop for lunch, a quick stop in a farm by the road to by some organic strawberries, and 2hours of car through the frog that covers strangely this part of california, I finally got to the park.

The woman at the entrance told me it was 10$ to get in, and when I asked if they took credit cards, she told me that no… but straight away told me “but I’m sure we can manage this”, and after recommending a path according to my expectations for this walk in the forrest, she gave a ticket for free, and I got in. I drove 2 meters and stopped, asking the woman “by the way, do you like strawberries?”. She said yes, came by and I offered her my brand new basket of organic strawberries. She kindly said that she didn’t need more than the 3 or 4 she picked, and insisted in giving the rest to me. Nice moment.

Got there, walked through an amazing forest, green, lovely smells, huge trees, barely no one, just me, and nature.

The highlight, apart from all the beauty I was seeing, was me sitting on a tree eating strawberries and listening to “Woods”, my encounter with a squirrel, and never get lost, since everything is brilliantly well indicated.

It was 3hours of walk, it was beautiful.

Came back to San José, looked for places to eat on FourSquare, and I found this veggie place that was the perfect and more logical finish for this day in nature. Awesome food.

Got home, so happy for this day, so happy for this thrilling week end, 2 days in the car, my first road trip!

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