Recipe for a cool fast week end in Barcelona

Two reasons brought me to Barcelona this week end:

First, my brother’s 16th birthday. Then for a special celebration of a good friend.


– friday night, dinner with family, and then drinks with my friend Mercé in a lovely jazz bar, Jazzman.

– Saturday, some time home, then join the Godons for a quick moment on the beach.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.49.25 PM

Then, just before leaving for Castelldefels, a quick walk around Estacion de França, that led me to discover a nice french resturant, Le Bistrot D’Amelie, that had a DJ playing good sound, a small flea market inside, a cheese bar, exclusively cheese in a all room, amazing smell, and a small menu including products almost exclusively bought to local producers; cool chat with the owner that explained me very clearly the all concept that definitely made me want to go back next month when back in Barcelona.

After a wine in this nice newly discovered place, straight to the train for Castelldefels to meet my friend Ferran and his closest friends to celebrate a beautiful project, the end of a long process to achieve the resuscitation of his mother’s piano. She sadly passed away few months ago and Ferran decided to give back its life to this piano his mother had bought years ago, and that was currently in a bad state.

If I remember correctly, it took 6 months to him and a good friends expert in fixing piano to fix the instrument, 4 to 5 hours a week, on a strict regular basis, and saturday night, the piano was ready to welcome Ferran’s people to celebrate in music the end of this very touching project.

30 people, few of them played for us, then a jam formed out of nowhere, that led me to play percussion for a guy I didn’t know, who I only can describe as a fucking music genius, playing with great quality piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, percussion, and whatever he’s given to play with. I don’t believe I’ll be soon given another opportunity to play percussion for a guy playing great flamnenco and rumba on a fucking ukulele. Amazed and grateful I was left.

Very cool night, 100% quality people, and a reason to spend another good momento with Nadia and Ferran.

Sunday was all about traditions: go buy vermut at MorroFi, have a vermut and enjoy the sunshine next to the swimming pool, mama’s sunday chicken, a bit of playstation with my brother, and back to Madrid.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.49.42 PM

Awesome week end.


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