Real Madrid vs. Almighty FC Barcelona

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Barça rules the place and it requires a lot of quality to disturb Barça’s supremacy. And Madrid payed again a high price; again.

This one was special: after 14 years of being a faithful culé, I was attending my very first clasico from the stadium. I couldn’t have expect this first time to occur on the enemy side, but it still was fun. And one more unexpected thing is that I owe this great night to my merengues friends from the office! They were the one to invite to come to the match, and I’m thankful for that. It’s a shame not every one would be happy at the end of the match, but it was still nice.

The greatest thing is that surprisingly, our seats were right next to the Barcelona fans, MY PEOPLE!! I came to the stadium assuming that I would pretty much have to shut my mouth and I had worked mentally on how to refrain euphoria if Barça would score; but instead I spent the match screaming those canticos that really made me feel great, reminding me of Barcelona at the same time that I was enjoying the singing (well…shouting).

We won 1-2. Fantastic night.
It was funny before the match to quickly drop by the radical fans sector with a friend to meet with some radical friends of his for a beer before the match. I was told not to say “who I was”, I was for sure one of the only fan, if not the only, of barça in all the crowd. It was quite exciting thinking “if only they knew…” :)

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