Out of facebook

1st day

Red card straight away. No warnings, no yellow card. Rejected from facebook, straight away, at the exact second when I sent a picture of a micropenis in a private messenger chat we have with several friends. Not the day after. Not an hour after. I pressed “send”, and I was fired.

In my opinion, it’s a fail of their conservative protection machine. The picture I sent is a medical picture, far from being porno. Ok, it is nudity. But come one, this is a human body!

So here I am discovering something I haven’t experienced since 2007: life without facebook.

And it is interesting enough to me for maintaining some kind of log of this experience.

First sensations:
Lost access to this great group chat we’re running with my dear friends here; although it’s ok since we already are using a group chat via whatsapp.
I’m a bit bothered to loose my all history. I’ve been a heavy user for years, and it bums me to loose all this content I’ve been archiving. At least access to it.
I fear my productivity at work will double at least :P
I find it quite funny I got to say. But also because in the end I believe they will reactivate my account. If not, I will make another one, but I doubt I’ll be using it with the enthusiasm I’ve had until now. It’s sad, I like facebook for connecting with people and stuff.
But I’m also thinking it’s the best thing that could have happen to me to lower my addiction and think about the real importance of it.
My mom will miss me on facebook, since she was aware of every single one of my moves!

Anyway, sent a request to review this rough procedure and hope that it will take effect at some point. A bit tough the way one is announced the bad news: “account deactivated, for any doubts or questions, go to the FAQ”. That escalated quickly.

2nd day: 24h without facebook

It’s been 24h. And several things have come to my mind today and came to build some kind of creepy scenario. First, talking with my friends about the picture I that got me out of facebook, one started saying something like “it looks like a child”. And I thought “damn!!! it could look like and they will have thought I’m a fucking perversed pedophile!!!!!!”. Then I heard about this friend I have that sometimes posts pictures with light to strong erotic content. She got banned twice from facebook. But not the way I was. She got a mail explaining that her account had been blocked for 24h because she posted something wrong. then a second time, with the warning that on the third time, her account would be definitely blocked. Well I didn’t get this treatment. No mail, no 24h deal, my account was blocked. Which reinforces the idea that they may think I’m a fucking pedophile!

So now I’m a bit worried… not that I could be charged of being a pedophile, because I found the picture I had downloaded from google image, it’s medical picture, a case of hypogonadism, and it’s an adult. But I’m worried I would have to go through the crazy experience of having to explain to random people that I’m not a fucking perverse. Well not only perverse, but also dumb as fuck enough to share terrorist pictures through facebook.

On the other hand, today, I got to think around the power of facebook. Through facebook, I’m managing and getting in touch with friends, publishing pictures, videos, content, checkin in every fucking place I’m in, sharing content, etc… my all damn life is on facebook. And facebook is aiming to be a search engine, and many more stuff. Facebook is aiming to be “the internet”. Internet will soon be facebook + some sites. And what worries me a bit is the power they have in their hand to cut someone away from all his contacts, conversations, pictures, videos, links, etc… What bothers me the most about losing my account, is not losing my access to facebook. I’m worried I will lose 7 years of activities and souvenirs. That bums me.

so today I sent a mail again, explaining that if ever there algorythm had though I’m mentally disturbed, it’s wrong.

Still no news. I live now worried about seeing the police knock on my door, registering my computer, hard drives, cupboards, etc… nothing to hide, but that would suck loads to go through this.

Hopefully, they will look at all my fucking life they currently have in their hands and deduce that I can’t be twisted as fuck enough to be “one of those” bastards.

I’ve been typing again in google “micro pene” in order to get my hand on the picture again and try to figure out if it actually, even though by mistake, could get me into trouble. Conclusion: it could not.

Went to google to get my hands on that picture that killed my facebook, typed “micro pene”, arrived on this link (http://www.pulsorock.com/foro/showthread.php?p=2383337) that led me to this image (http://humpath.com/IMG/jpg/hypogonadism_14y_12_1.jpg) from this page (http://humpath.com/spip.php?article8030) of this website (http://humpath.com). All of this is legal, no kid nudity, so it’s pretty good news. I would be scared as shit if by mistake google had led me to an illegal picture…

3rd day

Still no news from facebook. My account is still deactivated, no contact or nothing. They just took the liberty to close down my account and block access to all my content and contacts.

Yesterday, there was this tragical train accident in Santiago. My cousin was heading to Santiago this same day to leave his two kids to the grandfathers for the summer. Even though I knew they usually go there driving, they now live in Switzerland, and I knew that they couldn’t have left with their car. The only way I had at this moment to get in touch was Facebook. But with my closed account, no way to use Messenger. Had to go through my mom to hear that they had rented a car and were safe.
“Fuck you Facebook” is growing stronger in me. The service allows for managing so much cool stuff in such a practical way, and closing accounts should be taking way more seriously.
Don’t know what will happen with my account, don’t know if those guys are calling the police to investigate my sexual orientations, don’t know if I will build a new account, but I know I’m done with handling away important matters to them.

Since I lost my account, I’ve been using twitter again the way I still used to few years ago, which means ‘a lot’. Way more interesting content, no doubt about that. And I switched my regular compulsive facebook checks for regular rss reader checks. My days are way more interesting, I’m learning way more and waisting less time.

Still don’t know what will happen, but I’m liking what’s happening for now.

And after 17 days…

I got my access to my Facebook account again. I was actually expecting for more days without it, but it came back.

The email I (finally) got was the following:

Hola Nicolas,

Hace poco suspendimos tu cuenta porque una foto que habías subido infringía las Condiciones de Facebook. No obstante, tras revisar tu apelación, hemos vuelto a activar la cuenta.

Para evitar más infracciones, elimina inmediatamente cualquier foto de contenido sexual y lee las Normas comunitarias de Facebook para informarte sobre nuestras políticas: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/

Lamentamos las molestias. Gracias por contribuir a que Facebook sea seguro para todos.


User Operations

They invite me to “eliminate immediately any sexual content from my content. I do not like this. Apart from the fact that the picture I posted was posted in a private message, this picture is not sexual, it’s medical. It does show genitals, but this is just medical nudity, two galaxies far away from being even close to erotic. I find this conservative catholic spirit quite disgusting and insulting.

Truth is, this has been a big downer for me and even though I’m not closing my account in order to be able to communicate with friends and family I barely ever see, from London, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Geneva, Barcelona, New york, Douala, I will not keep on using and give my trust to Facebook.

And that my friend, is a good news.

I’ve lost this compulsive click to open facebook and it feels perfect. I want this to follow the same road. I’ll definitely remain on Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and connect them all to create content on Facebook, that is not their property.

Getting several greetings from my friends for being back, I realize that what I mostly love of Facebook is being close to all my people. Call it virtual, call it fake relation, but I appreciate it, and it’s what I missed.

I start joking with Albert, friend from Andorra. We’ve had some great times at the university in Barcelona, and even though ee haven’t seen each other for literally ages, Facebook keeps us close enough to keep on joking as if yesterday we were having a drink together. This is for me the main value of facebook, a platform and its tools fir keeping in touch with people you like.

So this story is over. No polive came at my door, I got my FB back, I’ve had a fun story to tell everyone for the past 2 weeks, and most of all, I finally lost interest in using so heavily Facebook, getting back hours of my time and reading more interesting content than ever.

It was fun.

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