No Name Party, my third party

Can’t believe I forgot to write about my party…

I organised my third party in my entire life.

First, 20 years ago in Noisy Le Grand for my 13th birthday. can’t remember shit, but was cool.

Second, 10 years ago for new years eve in Barcelona, was awesome.

This one, 10 years after the second one, for my 33th birthday (and my 32th birthday also, since last years was a bit messed up by unexpected events…). Silvia hopped on and joined to also celebrate her anniversary.

100 people invited, about 60 actually came. Theme of the night: decorate your head. And mostly everyone actually had their head decorated, which is very cool.

The place: a small bar in the center of Madrid, with an small but nice open space for parties.

The all idea began after Tyler’s party in the same place few weeks ago. The day after, talking, deciding we should do that kind of party every month or 2, I said “next one mine”.

The date: 18.01.2013. Started building the all facebook event thing, freak out seeing many people attending and reaching the limits of 70/80 people that the bar could handle.

Prepared a Spotify list for the gap before the 3 Dj’s began their set: first Dani, then Fede, Then Fatua. Deluxe.

Not only my best people in Madrid were all there gathered, but also my lovely beautiful friends from Barcelona, Nadia Noemi, and Sara, who flew all the way from Amsterdam to be there; at the same time, it was a surprise for Nadia who didn’t knew anything about Sara coming.

I also prepared videos to display on a TV that never worked that night. Nevermind.

Those are the video:


Nadia, Noemi, Ana and Maria arrive by bus from Barcelona.

They left their stuff at my place and went for caƱas in Madrid and came back for a quick nap.

The plan was to be in the bar downstair, Taberna de tirso de Molina, around 20h30, aproximatively when Sara would arrive.

I met Maria and Anna, lovely girls, started having drinks and food. Sara arrived, happiness at its high level, just smile on faces. Few more drinks, and time for me to leave them behind for a while and head to the bar for preparing stuff.

Tyler and Fede already there, Fatua joined few minutes after, Fede building the DJ table, everything going fine.

23h30: everything set and rolling. People start to arrive, nice surprise to see the decorated head.

From then, only good vibes, especially with my 2 sweethearts Sara & Nadia. Nice people, having fun, dancing, great music (really proud of that and thankful to the DJ’s) and some drinks…

Although I woke up around 13h with the party behind, satuday and sunday was the best days I’ve had in much time.

I spent those 2 days with Sara & Nadia & Noemi, and Maria and Anna, and we fucking ruled Madrid.

Drinks, football match, drinks, then to the Diamante, for the best DJ session I’ve ever heard I think. 2 Girls, IMPAR, awesome as hell. In bed around 8/9 again.

And the day after: Museum, drinks, my first bocadillo de Calamares, Then to casa Granada for some more drinks.

And this close to delay the bus tickets, but that was not possible, and sadly week end was over…

Can’t explain how much I’ve loved this week end, can’t define how much I miss my 5 ladies, especially Sara Nadia and Noe, still nostalgic today, alsmot one month after, of all this amount of fun and love.

Party: Great success!

Thks Tyler for helping on this one.

Thks Dani and Fede for the sound.

Thks Sara for coming!

Thks Nadia and Noe for coming!

And thks to the people who came to the party AND read this until there.

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