Nice week end

Nothing like a cool week end. Nothing else than a cool week end.

Nachos and drinks with Emily and Silvia before going to the DCode festival. Had drinks, fun, nice music, saw some other friends there. Very cool. Came for Justice Live, but meh, wasn’t that amazing.

On saturday, great picnic in Retiro for Ana’s birthday, with Emily, Dani, Valentine, Jos√©, Federica, and 2 other cool guys I didn’t know before.

Valentine brought all the precious ingredients for preparing some real fresh Mauresque. Week s ago we were having Vermut, now Ricard. Lived in Marseille and Barcelona, guess I should bring some drink from Paris next time.

After this cool afternoon, and since apart from Ana’s birthday we were (kind of) celebrating Mexican Independence day, we went for some lovely Nachos, margaritas and Micheladas, before calling it a day.

Sunday: did absolutely nothing, Red Dead Redemption all day, great time.

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