Nice sunny day, meeting again with Barcelona


Yesterday, wasn’t sure what to do in the afternoon. So I ended up walking to the beach. No particular place to go, just get close to the water and figure out after that what to do.

I usually go on a path of rocks that takes on 50meters into the sea. Sitting at the end of this path is being surronded by water, seeing Barcelona’s landscape from an unique point of view.

When I arrived there, I saw this man playing the guitar and singing. Just him sitting on the rocks and a another man laying listening to his music.

Took me 1 second to decide that I would sit next to them I listen to the music, mixed with sounds of water.

Spent almost 1 hour listening to his music before I went to talk with him and ask if I could record a video of one of his songs.

At first, he wasn’t thrilled by the idea. But after speaking a couple of minutes and explaining my good intentions, and after he saw the picture I had taken minutes before, he said ok, let’s do it.

So I sat in front and made this video.

After this we talked for 20 minutes, explained me from where he is in Jamaica, how much he traveled. We spoke about french wine and cheese, music, politics, people.

Left him after that. Nice moment.

Then I met with Pedro, freshly arrived from his hometown, Sao Paulo. Just had the time to have a drink and tapas before I met with my french friends from some indian food.

Nice day. It was a nice day.

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