New year’s eve 2011>2012


New year’s eve has past, and the conclusion, after all the stress about what (the hell) I would do this night alone in Amsterdam is: I had a great night.

Thanks to my old university buddy Alex, who kindly invited me to join him and his friends to the dinner he had at his amazing place, I had the unexpected luck to spend the night with him (spain), his girlfriend (france), 2 couples (one from Nepal, one from Brazil) and a girl from Taiwan.

The only fact that 3 continents were represented is already amazingly cool, but when on top we’re talking about great people, what could go wrong?!

I spent the last month of this year wandering and sort of complaining about the miseuse by blog owners of the words “amazing/jaw dropping/mind blowing/incredible/stunning/etc…”.
So I kind of request the right to use them myself, but only because I need the power of those word to be able to explain the best I can the fireworks I’ve seen yesterday.

The flat we were staying at is at the 8th floor of a building, which for Amsterdam is no less than double the average height of any building in town; so basically, what I’m trying to explain is the AMAZING view we had from this flat on all Amsterdam.
I’ve seen a lot of fireworks in my life, but what I saw was something I wasn’t expecting. 24 hours before midnight, streets were already loaded with kids and fathers banging fireworks. 30 minutes before midnight, things started to get more serious, noisy, shinny, smoky, like when smooth daylight shows up before sunrises. But at 00:00, what I saw is hard to explain, impossible to represent with words or pictures. A non stop explosion of lights and noises, blowing from +30 different points of the cities, a unstoppable and spectacular eruption of lights all over the city. This was “amazing/jaw dropping/mind blowing/incredible/stunning/etc…”. I’ve never enjoyed a firework so much.

I guess I also felt the official end on an era in my personal life and the beginning of a new one, celebrated like if I just married an english princess. This was unexplainable; I can try to explain feelings and meanings, but the new year’s eve fireworks in Amsterdam is clearly a Must-see.

People tell me Amsterdam is more enjoyable in summer than in winter; well I’m sorry to say that, because of this firework, it’s not all true. I keep in mind that I was viewing it from what I believe is one of the best spot in the city, and that I was surrounded by great people.

All of this contributed to the fact that this night was unique, and that it makes me just simply happy.

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