My 34th birthday in Madrid

Since I went deep down into the dark sides of the city, I’ll just sum it up, just to remember.

Friday 22

Gathered my best people home for some drinks. Awesome people, awesome presents, great time, got the neighbor to knock on the door to complain about the music, first time in 3 years here, so we left, for Cafe Berlin. Dance our ass off.
At 7h, I was home sleeping.

Saturday 23 > Sunday 24

Woke up, willing to have a normal day, but after two hours, I was in bed, mainly because it was freaking cold in my appartment. Stayed in bed until 21h, which is when I got up to do what I thought was going to be the only thing I would do this day, have dinner with my dearest friend Nuria. Few tacos and some tequila shots after, we were dancing in some private place with Ligia and Lucia. And few hours after that, we were back to cafe Berlin, dancing our asses off, again.

We closed the place and headed to the JazzClub, best after in Madrid. Had the great time we usually have there, and then, out of nowhere, I decided to gather half of the JazzClub at my place, in my appartment. And here we were, us and 90% of people I hadn’t seen before.

At some point, that was actually me and only people I didn’t know.

After that, we went to ones appartment, few of us. Althought I didn’t know about him, one turned out to be a quite famous actor, Angel Garo. Nice guy.

I slept a while, and at 17h30, after about 3h of sleep, I headed straight away to my dear Nuria’s birthday in Lavapies, for some drinks, lot of them, and food of course. We ended up the night in the Maloka Bar, brasilian bar. There was a Jam session, and after few minutes, the ‘cajon’ was available; so I jumped on it, and played with a guy Nico. This Nico guy turns out to be an actual good and confirmed musician!

And that was it, my week end was over, it was intense, non stop, full of awesome people, and I will for sure never forget it.

Thanks Nuria, Ligia, Carmen, Paz, Bea, Manu, Tyler, Thomas, Carlos, Javi, Danilo, Antonio.

Can’t get enough of you guys.

The end.

Nico, the cool guy I played with:

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