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Since my best friend Kevin put into my hands his bass 20 years ago “just to try”, I’ve never stopped playing music. First bass, but at the same time drums, guitar, then piano, harmonica, percussions, any instrument is for me a wonderful world to discover, different ways of interpreting standard notes, beautiful noises. I love playing music and I’ve been doing it everyday with the same pleasure, sad, happy, with people, alone, for people. I did my first concerts with my first band, ESCAPE, when I was 14, I even had the pleasure to have Laeticia Casta, a friend from school at this time, sing with us, I’ve been the bass for huge rappers and reggae singers, one of them has had his momento of glory in France years after, I’ve played in PAris, I’ve played in Marseille and made some great friends through music, I’ve played in Barcelona, I’ve played in bars, Music has been my best buddy for all those years and for those to come.

But one thing has been my big frustration during all those years: I can not fucking sing properly.

I remember being “forced” to sing LIVE “one” by Metallica when I was 15, that has been awful. I mean I did it, but damn… (Nicolas, si tu lis ça, que tu saches que je me rappel que c’est arrivé parceque Môssieur ne voulais plus chanter. ^^)

Anyway, the purpose of this article is to remember that day when I took two song I have recorded with my iPhone 3 or 4 months ago and uploaded them to soundcloud to publish them on my blog and share them. This is a strong something new everyday.

I’m publishing this because for the first time in my life I’ve heard “you have a nice voice”. 33 years for this to happen : ) (thks P.R.)

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