Music, the best way to access your memories

This morning, my “facebook memories” reminded me of 2012 when I discovered Skip the Use and felt in love with that band. So I got out of bed and when straight to spotify to rise up with that music.

I discovered them in switzerland at the PALEO festival, when I went my friend Elie. We were at Lenny Kravitz’ concert, but soon got fed up this all demonstration of arrogance, so, in spite of being the first time I was seeing the guy, we just decided to bail out, and head to that other stage where this totally unknown band to me, Skip The Use, was playing.

The show was totally brain-smashing, great moment of live music, totally insanely good vibes and crazy crowd. When the show ended, we were left just sweating like if we had run a marathon in the desert.

That year, few weeks after, I went for one of the trip of my life, when I went to discover New York City, and skip the use was part of the original soundtrack of that trip.

Last time I listened to Skip The Use was months ago, and when I launch the album “Can Be Late”, my memories just woke up at the second chord. I was feeling what I felt in Switzerland, in New york, but also in Madrid at that time. It’s a very sweet sensation, but most of all, it’s memories of sensations felt at that time, 5 years ago now.

Pictures will remind one about moments, place events on one’s life timeline. launch cold memories.

And when I say “cold memories”, it’s to differentiate with what would then be “hot memories”. Those are triggered by music.

Music calls specific sensations that go straight to your stomach neurones and is probably the closest to a time machine.

I wish I would be a scientist able to explain exactly what’s going on, but those are my word I use to explain my final point:

whenever you go on a special trip, be sure to prepare your playlist, and name it “Mexico” if you’re going to Mexico; this playlist built and listened during your trip will be in the future a genuine buckets of sensorial memories that will grab your guts and remind you the best you’ve experienced and felt during your trip.

My life memories are all in my brain, stuck in my hard drive, that memory that don’t activate, that is always sleeping. But play “that” special song, and it’s a direct access to those hidden treasures.

Listen to music!

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