Magic in Lavapies

Another magical moment, another spanish ballad through unexpected places and situations. The plan was to have a last beer before Danilo would leave for Italy to began a new life; but the quick beer became another one, to which I first said ‘no’, but after 3 minutes walking home, I realized that Danilo was leaving and realized what I really wanted at this moment is to remain around Nuria, Virginia, Isa, Paz, Tyler and Danilo and have this last one with them.

This last one doubled; this last one took us to another bar where we danced Ska; and around 3h30 when this last place closed, we went to sit in the middle of the plaza Lavapies, and the magic happened.

We weren’t drunk, we were happy. We weren’t sad for Danilo, we were happy to hold on and celebrate our kindness to him just few hours before his plane would take off. We weren’t worried, so we were dancing in the street, Isa, Nuria, Virginia and Paz, singing with their best voices, clapclapping the ‘compas’, and me in my favorite place, sitting and joining the gig banging on my plastic heater suddenly transformed into an almost decent percussion.

When we all stood up and gathered in a warm group hug while Tyler sang acapella ‘Around the universe’ and ‘with a little help from my friends’, the last that could have happened is one of us being cold. It was cold outside, but something magical was burning, inside our heart, an energy that one can’t produce if it’s not surrounded by people one trusts and loves.

This energy is pure vitality. Enough to make me want to cook and enjoy good food at 5AM on a monday once I got back home, enough vitality to give me the strenght needed to hold on the next day with a enormous smile in my heart.
Good friends, nice places, nice food, nice drinks, and this special celebration for Danilo, a sweet mix of ingredients, for a magical moment.

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