Made Valencia our beach

Wonderfull week end in Valencia with good people.

First, my Wayan, wonderfull week end planner, author of the idea, the reservations and perfect coordination :)

That was me, her and 2 friends of hers from New York:
– Luis, mexican, great guy, with whom any conversation gets interesting, that has been during those 2 days my food buddy, in search for the best quality, which is something I’m always in for.

– Ellie, great pretty iranian, with whom I had great conversations about cultures, food and art.

That was the four of us, 48h in Valencia, in a wonderful flat in the middle of the old city, raised on a 8th floor, with a view on Valencia that was like saying: this city: Welcome, All yours…

I could include the first train trip in my ‘something new everyday’ section, since I don’t remember drinking so much wine in a train trip.

2 hours after we were in Valencia, not sober.
Taxi, flat, drinks with the flat owners, from Czech Republic and their friend Oran from Istanbul.

Then taxi and party in ‘la ciudad de las ciencias’. Beautiful place, nice place for big touristic spanish style fiesta. Not usually crazy about those, but it was definitely fun.

Day 2: beach time.

The all purpose (or excuse) for this trip was to go to the beach. So here we were, laying on the burning sand of a huge beach, swimming in some fairly hot water.
For dinner, finest selection of ham, wine, and cheese, long conversations and sleep.

Day 2: quick and sweet walk through the market, quick brunch and back to the beach, drinking cava, of course.

Time had come to taste Valencia: Paella time.

I had had 2 paellas already, but none of them were surprisingly good or what, regular stuff.

This was different. This was unique. This was, at last, a proper paella from Valencia. Delicious.

A bit of stress with the waiter at first, but we finally decided to give him the chance to be nice, and after this wonderful meal, the bye-bye’s with José, the waiter, almost turned out to be emotional and moving. A nice man, no doubt about that; the stress he’s working in almost fooled us by giving us a erroneous image of the man.

Then nap on the beach, some nice fooling around in the water and back home running to catch our train, armed with pink cava, wine and iberic ham from Guijuelo.

Hurt to leave Valencia. Because leaving such wonderful beaches is not easy; because we had a great time; because I met with 2 great persons; because hanging around with Ryan is great. But, I’ll see Ryan at the office, I’ll meet with Luis and Ellie in new york in 1month, so hopefully: to be continued…

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