Long walk day


Today is a day for doing simple things. Sleep several hours, eat soup, use public transportation and go to see and smell the sea, play piano, spend some good time with family and dogs.

It’s a day for enjoying simple things, and most of all, to relax and forget about stress. In itself, being able to have a day like this is luxury; what comes out of it is only pleasure.

The metro, usually full of stress and sadness, is today a place where families enjoy time together on their way to wherever they’re heading to. Nevertheless, I still walk by people desperately in need for food; actually, as I’m writing and getting closer to the centre of the city, things aren’t so jolly anymore.


I’ve walked for 2h30 non stop, getting lost in the old neighbordhoods of Barcelona, crossing the most expensive avenues, and of course, as planned in the beginning, talking a long walk on the beach.

Meh… Can’t say more, this was pleasant and I can’t explain those moments.

Considering the cold I have those days, there’s now 2 options: or the cold gets stronger, or this long walk/exercise will kill it. Bonus option: my back will hurt.

Will work for the best options to happen.

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