Leonard Cohen live in Madrid

Went to see Leonard Cohen live in Madrid. I’ve been looking for seeing him live for some time now, first because I like the few songs I know from him, and second because his ex-wife stole him his money, and he disserves some kind of solidarity I guess.

As when I went to see Ray Charles in 1997 or the Golden Gate Quartet last year, I didn’t find anybody ready for paying expensive tickets, and went alone. I’m totally fine with this.

As I mentionned, I didn’t know a lot about Cohen, some songs, “suzanne”, “Hallelujah”, and a couple more.

The show was amazing. 78 years old, played 4 hours. Beautiful voice, very good band, lovely songs, and transmitting his generosity to everyone, public and band members, staying on the stage for instruments solos, staying on the stage when the vocals background sang their own song that did not include Cohen singing. 4 hours of transmiting messages of kindness and recognition.

I was amazed and this has been one of the best concert I’ve ever been too. Those guys maybe old news for some, but I totally recommend meeting artists like him from time to time, there always is things to learn that young artist can’t transmit for lacking experience.

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