Karma alert

Was in the open air backyard of a bar friday night, late at night. Close to us, a seriously drunk guy laying on the bench, moving from time to time. Leaves his phone and wallet on the table, just in front of me and leave. I talk with the guy I had in front to find the owner, turns out to be a friend of his, and he gave it back to the owner. He came back, shaked my hand saying “dude, you, are a gentleman”.

10 minutes after: I asked for a last cider at the bar. Went for paying with my card, but it was cash only. I started looking for money in my pockets, but after 30 seconds, I have to tell the barman I’m out of coins.

He says “don’t worry, this guy just paid for you.”

No, the guy had no relation with the wallet story.

Just a guy being nice, for no reason. Non gay, surrounded by friends, not even asking for more.
I shaked his hand, and told him he’s awesome.

Heal the pub…. make it a better place…. for you and for me and the entire party race.

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