Jo soc catala!


It’s strange.

My father is english, my passport is english, my mother from Galicia (spain). I was born and raised until 18 years old in france. My culture is french, my accent is french.

But; I’ve never lived in England, I’ve never lived in Galicia. And after 18 years in Paris + 3 years in Marseille, I really hope I will never have to live in France again.

What’s left?

What’s left of culture in me that I know very well and at the same time appreciate.

I arrived in 1997 in barcelona, and my life totally changed. Not only my life in itself, but my all perception of life. I went from being pretty much lost in my studies and life in general to rise as a profesional designer in the most powerful teleco company in Spain.

But apart from this, I am truly in love with catalunya. This country has an amazing landscape, a boiling history, a strong and unique culture. People are cold at first sight, but once you crack the nutshells, it’s all about meeting fascinating people, and learning and enjoying.

I’ve been saying for years now that I wish I could live soon in another country and come back in catalunya when I’m 40 or 50, with kids and stuff. This country is amazing.

Yesterday, i walked from the beaches of barcelona to the centre of the city, three hours walking through history and city beauty. Today, I’ve walked 2 hours in the mountain until I found this small restaurant totally lost in the middle of the wood, with an amazing view on the city, great and cheap food, eating near the cheminee.

I could go on and on on why I love catalunya, not to mention FC Barcelona, but the purpose of this post is to officially plant my roots here in Catalunya. With the permission of the people of course; because in the end, I’m still a tourist here; here, in France and in England.

Visca el barça, i visca Catalunya!

PS: considering the political and general tension between catalunya and Madrid, where I live now, I just want to mention that the people in Madrid are gorgeous people. Maybe I’ll write a post 10 years from now saying I’m a Madrid lover.

Who nows, after all, I’m just an eternal tourist.

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