Jo soc catala…NOT


Few days ago, I came to the conclusion that ‘jo soc catala‘.

But it can’t be that easy.

For 14 years in spain, I’ve almost always being offered menus in restaurants in english; can’t count how many people in shops launched the conversation with me in english.

Half of my blood is English, the other one is spanish. But this other half doesn’t seem to stand out of me at first sight.

Those days in Amsterdam, I’ve been kind of flatered because people talk to me in dutch, totally convinced that I will answer back in dutch. Those people are actually surprised when I get the “Sorry, I don’t speak dutch, sorry” card out (that’s 2 time sorry yes, that’s my french part popping exagerated politeness out).

So going back to my point, I can believe the harder I want that I’m catalan, in the end, it may be that I’m the only one to believe it.

So from ‘jo soc catala’, I’ll come back to a more reasonable idea: I love barcelona, I love catalunya, but apparently, I’m from somewhere else.
Unless I start speaking catalan… Or dutch…

Fuck it. I’m european.

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