I’m proud of my company


It’s quite awkward to hear (sometimes close) people talk about my company in a massive negative way. I understand that the same way I went through a painful process to close my ONO account, lot of people have suffered from the processes of my company.

But what I’m seeing each day is a company that has big consideration for its workers. A company in which I’m working for very gratifying projects.

I was taught in design school that our future was roughly about selling crap to people by making the product look good; mainly… I’m so happy now to work in this thing called service design, that requires a all pile of tools others than types and colors. Happy and proud, because although I’m working to allow my company making (a lot of) money, the projects I choosed to work on are all about building a comfortable and sustainable world (smart cities). This makes me proud and eager to go to work everyday, even when I don’t have hot water to shower with in the morning.

So I guess part of me feels bad when I hear critics about my company, but it’s all about understandable reaction and behaviors towards this kind of powerful multinational company.

I’m in fact amused to think that those reaction are redacted on an Apple iPhone, or a windows PC, while drinking a coca cola, wearing NIKE shoes… Those are NOT friendly companies; the products can look nice, but the processes of elaboration aren’t that clean, but this doesn’t seem to bother so much. In the end, it’s just a matter of selling products made by childrens in asia, or pooring water out of india leaving people without water to drink, or using city-sized area of china to stocks electronics garbage. But this is not important, apparently…

Hi, I’m nicolas, I work hard for Telefonica Digital, and I’m proud.

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