Iceland, almost…


Today was the day. After years wanting to go to Iceland, two months ago I just booked a plane, me alone, straight to the land of ice and fire. Investigated, made my roadmap, traced it on Google maps, booked hotels, car, even used Tinder to try and meet people (just so you know, it’s bullshit… Or its simply that I’m definitely not a tinder guy…).
Today, 18h,left the office, not understanding fully what I was doing going to Iceland instead of home after work. But man was I boiling inside.
Turns out that the travel agency I booked my flight with through Skyscanner didn’t issue my plane ticket, because apparently I was supposed to wait for a second email and confirm my purchase. I didn’t even wait for that email. My usual process is pay online and done.
It’s 20:40 in Heathrow, and turns out that I AM going home after work… Sad as a kid who’s been promised to go to disneyland and once at the door couldn’t get in because Mickey Mouse just died of an heart attack after mixing jaggermeister and drugs.
I’m going home. I’m fucking going back home and tomorrow will sit my ass on an office chair instead of a black sand beach staring at tiny hairy horses.
I was not expecting that shit to happen. Fuck that.

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