Hesdes Annual Summer Party 2012, Cadiz

Friday 24 August 2012: took a train straight to Cadiz.

Why? Because my mate Raul invited me to his big anual summer party and that it was enough of a reason for me to book a train straight away.

How did it go? 4h30 train trip, slept like a horse, woke up in Cadiz, beautiful sunset through the palm trees, quick booze shopping and straight to the party. Beautiful house, swimming pool, full of nice people, cool night.

Slept in a tent, on the grass, wonderful sensation.

Woke up, jumped in the pool, had breakfast in a bar, went to the beach.

Something new: learn how to manage a double string kite. Turns out to be quite easy. And it’s quite fun.

Something new again: Learn how to play the Ukulele, first in the house, and then on the beach. Playing the Ukulele laying on the sand under the sun is a great experience.

Then back home, shower and straight to a mini festival. Discover Bigott, nice music on record, a bit messy Live, but still interesting.

Now what came after, a DJ called Meneo that exclusively uses a Gamboy for his set, was something I had never seen before. And it was great.

Back home, slept, quick breakfast, and jumped in the car for the trip back to Madrid with Raul And Azahara.

After 7 hours in the car, I was back in Madrid, happy I went to discover Cadiz in this very cool way, which is dealing with local people and discovering what is a party in Cadiz: it rocks.

And Raul and Azahara were very kind and welcoming, I thank them for that.

If I can, I will be there next year that’s for sure!

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