6 years ago, I still was “a guy that knows about photoshop and some dreamweaver”. I had been learning by myself web design and improving by doing works for close people.

Let’s face it: I sucked.

I actually didn’t know anything about this famous Helvetica thing.

Then I said: man, time has come to study. I did it.

Wasn’t easy, not at all. But I did it and took it very seriously.

Well today, I sat with an ex-colleague/tech provider because he wanted my opinion on new business orientations possibilities for his company.

I mean, people call me for consultancy on graphic design, business development and UX processes. I’m totally aware that my point of view is not so valuable as if I had 40 years of expertise, but still, this is a big reward, for my ego at least.

Makes me proud, that’s all.

Am I talking to someone?
Yes. To myself, but at my future me, a me that will be glad to read about this particular time of my life. Just if one was reading and wandering… :)

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