Get things done

Yesterday, I was down, but couldn’t find exactly why. I knew it was something that was stressing me and worrying me. Now I know: it was because I was getting late in studying my boat classes, not studying and getting more lost class after class.

Today, I observe one curious thing: I went to bed at 1h30 in the morning, after 4h of studying my classes and doing a all lot of algebra, and woke up at 6h45; that’s 5h of sleep, which for me is not enough. But I’m now up-to-date on the boat classes and understand the concepts I knew I needed to understand for today, and that makes me feel lighter. I’ve slept almost half of what I slept the night before but feel the double of energy.

My conclusion is something I’ve been applying lately, a simple but healthy and relieving concept one should absolutely apply everyday: GTD, Get Things Done!

One should only experience stress because he’s in the way to get things done, not because things are left to be done.

I’m sitting on the bus and Bohemian Rapshody is sounding like music from the sun.
Have a nice day, get things done.l

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