FITC in Amsterdam


I went back to Amsterdam. Last time I went, it was the reason I opened this blog, at the time hosted on the belated platform “posterous”. What started has a travel companion for 18 days ended up being my life companions for about 2 years after, which is when the amount of stuff I wrote started decreasing.

It was nice and special to arrive at this same airport, and get all the memories coming back from those days.

Went straight to Sara´s place where I would spend my 2 first nights. We simply hanged out the three os us with Ehki, that I was pleased to meet for the first time.

Woke up early enough to leave home around 11h30 and just get lost in the city, under those threatening grey clouds. At first, I thought I would go to museums, randomly. Decided to head toward Van Gogh´s museum. The 1h30 queue just changed the plan straight away. Not only there was no way I was going to wait that long with this cold wind blowing, but that made me realise something interesting: the thing that really interested me was to just walk and get lost in the city. It was some sort of ‘eureka’ moment, I had just found what I really wanted to do, and that was walking where the wind would take me.

I started standing up and listening to 2 hang players playing with a violin, then I just walked. took pictures, made videos. Then I found the shop “freeze fountain”, where I just got lost for more than half an hour, wanting to buy a lotta stuff. In the end, I left the shop with one of those umbrellas that won many design prizes, that are unbreakable. Started walking under the rain and the wind, and half an hour after, I was back to the shop with the umbrella destroyed. I got the other version, the one that is actually unbreakable, and left.

I headed for korean barbecue with the girls and some friends of them, nice food, nice people. had drinks, had a strange woman attending us in that bar we ended up at, and we went home.

Sunday was a very quite day, nothing special, just moved from Sara´s to my hotel.

Huge money problem when I got there, realizing that my account was basically empty, a problem I was able to sort out, also with the help from my friend Joaquin, who I asked to send me money straight to my account.

Monday was the first day of FITC. Started straight away with Stefen Seigmeister, that I was seeing for the first time in real person, which was quite exciting to me. Nice talk. Have to highlight though 2 other talks that day, one by Dominique Wilcox, another one by Mr.Bingo, both very inspiring.
At midday, after lunch, I got to put my hands on my very first 3D printed made from scratch by me. I took the opportunity given to print for free and designed a customised paint spray can for Sara.

At night, after a quick IPA with Sara and 2 friends of her who had just arrived in Amsterdam from Barcelona, I headed to the last part of the day, a workshop organised by Cut & Paste at 20h, that actually started at 21h. My assigned work mate just didn´t dare to show up, ad I was left alone, in front of a tactile wacom tablet I had never used before, with a brief that was designing a map… in half an hour…
In the end, 2 people join me on the job, and we made a map of Lavapies, that 2 illustrators finished after. It was interesting, not fascinating, but not everything can be exciting. I don´t regret subscribing on my own, and it was interesting to draw letters shown on a big screen to everyone during the process, including Seigmeister who was there observing and drinking wine.

At the end of the project, I just left and headed back to the hotel.

Pause, ice cream, room, sleep.

Tuesday, second and last day of talks. Very interesting talks about 3D printing, nice VR showroom where I tried the mix of VR glasses, headphones and wi-fit, skiing around some sort of fantasy world. Interesting.

For the last night, I just felt like having a relaxing bath, something I only do in hotels, and went to the hotel bar to have a couple of white wines and watch Barça knock off Arsenal.

Wednesday, back home.

A nice trip.

I enjoyed for many reasons. But one big reason was the sensations and retrospective of what happened since last time I had been there, on a special moment of my life at the time.

The conclusions were interesting.

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