First World Cup I’ll skip

Just watched this video, and that confirms my reasons for not watching the World Cup in Brazil this year.

1986: I watch my first world cup.

2014: could be the first world cup I skip on to honor basic principles of mine.

World Cup is a beautiful event, I love it, always did, but how could I be interested in smelling a rose that’s planted on a 10kg pile of dog shit?

I could, because we’re used and taught to deal with our life closing our eyes on particular things, but something’s not right.

We eat without thinking of people who don’t have food, we go to bed without thinking of people sleeping in the streets, those are things that are today hard to avoid, but watching this world cup without thinking that, as a woman said in this video, “they spent so much money that could have change many peoples life” is something I’m not confortable with.

Can’t believe I’m planning of not watching the world cup…

And it’s only for me, because my attitude will not make things change…

A bit frustrating… but definitely feels right.


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